Friday, June 29, 2007

Coffee filter book

A while back a good friend and i made a coffee filter book together.We each did four filters in ant style we wanted to use. It was really fun and turned out great.But we were each to make our own covers.well my unbound filter pages have been around the house quit a while.I have looked at them many times and thought you know i really should get busy and make a cover for those.Today when this happened again i got and inspiration and ran with it. So ta- da my coffee filter book with a cover.I was going to make it look like a fan but my crazy muse took over and this is the result.

Crocheted wrist cuff

I have been learning to crochet.My grand daughter saw my little practice piece and said gramma can i have it? What can a gramma say to a cute five year old but sure sweetie.I have also been trying out a daisy loom and after seeing the flowers i made she wanted one of those on her wrist band too. So here is my first real crochet project.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Textured background

Textured background

Here is is a background i did on mat board.Not sure if it is done yet.

Tortured felt

Tortured felt, Yes i have spent the morning torturing helpless felt pieces.As usual i tried to learn everything i could about it before i tried it ,and then as usual promptly forgot everything anyway.So i just got some felt and utee, heating gun, paint, gesso, rubber stamps and anything else that looked like fun to torture and went to town on it. I'm not sure i like the results but sometimes when you attach things to each other it all comes out o.k. I have a few made and want to post pictures if i can figure that out. So I'm off to try that.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Here we go

I can't believe i have a blog. I read a lot of other people's blogs but one of my own? Never thought that would happen.But here i am blogging.I think this is going to be a very mixed blog i have way too many interests.At first it was going to be just my art and the art of friends now i am thinking i want to put a lot of my other interests in too.So it will be a mixed bag if i can figure how everything works here in the blogging world.